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Rosalina was walking in her garden with her Luma friend. "I'm pretty bored up here in the sky..." she said with a sigh. "Well Princess Rosalina, why don't we visit one of the many beautiful planets in the nearby galaxy? How about we go to the beach planet?" said Luma. "Sure, I guess we can have so fun there." Rosalina replied.

Rosalina headed to her room. She slipped off her shoes, leaving her in her bare feet. She went into her bathroom. A couple moments later, she walked out in her bright blue bikini. She then slipped on her flip flops with a matching color. Her toenails were also the same color. She walked out to the balcony finding Luma.

"Wow, you look nice, Princess." Luma said with a smile. "Thank you, lets get going." She said. "Hold on, three of the other Lumas want to join us, can they come?" Luma asked. "Sure." Rosalina replied.

Within a twenty minutes, they were at the beach. Rosalina set down her towel then placed the umbrella in the sand. She took a breath and said, "Ohhh, this is nice... But what else can I do here, Luma?" "You can go swimming, we Lumas can bury you in the sand, you can go look for shells..." Luma said. "Those all sound fun, but lets do something right around here. Can you Lumas bury me in the sand? I'd really like it." Rosalina replied. "Sure, Princess Rosalina, just go lay in the sand, and we Lumas will begin to bury you." Luma said.

They began to bury her, they buried her torso first, then her neck. Then they headed down to her ankles. "Ok Lumas, please don't go past my ankles. I don't want the sand ruining my toenails. Thank you for burying me, the sand feels nice." Rosalina said. "Your welcome. Princess, me and the other Lumas will be right back." said Luma. "Okay." replied Rosalina.

Luma and the others walked around the cliff. "Guys, I don't think Rosalina is having enough fun. I have a plan to give her more fun..." Luma said. He told the plan to the other Lumas. They all agreed.

The Lumas came back. "Ok, were back, Princess." They all gathered around her feet. Rosalina was still in her flip flops. "Rosalina, do you want us to take off your flip flops?" Luma asked. "Sure, I love when my feet are bare." Rosalina said with glee. "Ok guys, lets get to work." Luma whispered. Two Lumas went first, they both went to a foot, and then they really quickly slid their hands down Rosalina's bare soles. "Heheheh, what was that?" Rosalina questioned still giggling. "Oh, a little foot tickle." Luma said while sliding his hands down her soles. Rosalina giggled. "Oh, uhm, ple- hahah!" She said as she was tickled again.

All the Lumas jumped on, two were on the sand at her soles, two were hovering at her toes. "Tickle!" yelled Luma. They all started tickling Rosalina's poor feet. She let out quite a laugh at the start, and then it became nonstop giggling. Rosalina couldn't talk because of the laughter. The Lumas continued tickling Rosalina's feet for about five minutes as Rosalina laughed and laughed.

"Hahaheheh pleh hehahahe please stuh hahhahehehe stop!" Rosalina said as she giggled.
The Lumas disobeyed her and continued tickling. Rosalina realized the only way to get out of the tickling was the get out of the sand. She then attempted to get out, but failed due to the laughter and heavy sand. She was stuck.

As the Lumas tickled, one of them looked to the side and saw a feather. She hovered to it, then brought it back to Rosalina's feet. Then the Luma stuck it between two of her toes. The Luma then pushed it back and forth, then did the same in between other toes, getting big laughs out of Rosalina.

About ten minutes later, the tickling began to get easier to handle. Eventually, the Lumas stopped. "Heheh, Lumas, why did you tickle my feet? It was quite a nice sensation though, don't get me wrong." said Rosalina. "We tickled your feet because we thought you weren't having enough fun, so did you have fun?" replied Luma. "I really enjoyed having my feet tickled, it was very fun, and I also found out that my feet were very ticklish. Maybe you can tickle my feet again some time. That'd be nice." Rosalina said as the lumas started digging her out of the sand. "The last time my feet were ever tickled was when I first came up to these Galaxies. It was before you were born,  some other nice Luma played This Little Piggy with my toes and tickled a bit. I did like it though." said Rosalina. "Well I'm glad you enjoyed it, do you wish to go back now?" asked Luma. "Yes, lets head back."

Rosalina and the Lumas were back home. "Hey Luma, next time Peach comes up here, we'll find some way to tickle her feet and toes too! Just like you did it to me. We can do it to Daisy too! They'll have a blast." said Rosalina. "That'd be alot of fun. How about you go call them now, Princess?"

To be continued...
I really love Princess Rosalina. Because she is so great, I had to make sure she would get foot tickled. I'm pretty sure she did like it though. ;)

Maybe I will continue this story, heres a hint in the following parts. Last paragraph.

Hope you like.
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MarioxSonicFan Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2015
Can you do more of this
Lauren-Tyler Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Rosalina deserves to be tickled! :D
SCP173Sculpture Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Rosalina need help? i see you get tickled hard XD
2black2strong Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This is so cute! I love it!Kermityay 
Rainewhite Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2012
This is nice. I love rosalina.
TickleFeather77 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2012
Thank you. :)
GC254 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2012
Excellent story! It's always cute to see how much the lumas care about Princess Rosalina and want to see her happy.
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