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Ariel was laying in the grass near the castle, enjoying the peaceful day. It had only been two months since she transformed into a human. She took a moment to look down at her feet. "I really love my new feet, why am I always hiding them?" she whispered to herself.
She then decided to take them off. "Ahh... This feels nice..." she said with a smile. She then decided to head back to the castle, without her shoes on. She took six steps into the grass and let out a small giggle. "Hehe, what was that?"
She rushed to the castle and looked for Prince Eric. "Eric, I was walking through the grass in my bare feet, and I felt a little tingle, what was it?" she said "Oh, that was a tickle. You seem to be ticklish." Eric said. "Feet can be ticklish? I never knew that! I was tickled on my belly and arm pits before, but never my feet!"
Ariel replied. "Well, you've only had feet for about two months.  Feet have alot to them." He said with a smile.
"I really liked the feeling. Can only grass tickle feet, I wanna be tickled again!" Ariel said with excitement. "Many things can tickle feet. Fingers, feathers, many things. I can't name them all." said Eric.
"Can you tickle my feet? I'd really like it..." said Ariel. "Sure, meet me in our room in five minutes."

They were eventually both there. "So, sit on the bed and reach one of your feet over to me." She did so and said, "Ok! Tickle me!" Eric then began lightly scratching Ariel's soles with his fingers. She giggled a bit, but not much. Eric then increased the speed. She started to laugh a bit and said, "Haheheha, please, do continue!"
Prince Eric began tickling around her toes, which decreased her laughs a bit, then moved back to her soft soles. "Haheheha, I'm reahahelly enjohahehehahing thihis!" Pluhahehease tickle muhahahore!"
Prince Eric then pulled a feather from his pocket. He lifted up Ariel's foot and slid the feather in between two of her toes and slid it back and forth, making Ariel laugh alot. He then moved to the other foot and did the same. After that, he went back to his fingers for another two minutes.
Ariel was giggling and having alot of fun, but she wanted to try something else. As Prince Eric took a small break and turned the other way for a moment, she tackled him. "No, no! Please don't do this sweetie!" Eric yelled. Ariel took off his boots, then his socks and said, "As a mermaid, I've never been around people with feet, so I never got to tickle them! How about you be my first victim, come on, you'd enjoy it!"
She then began sliding her nails up and down his soles repeadetly, getting chuckles out of Prince Eric. Prince Eric knew he could easily escape from her foot tickling him, but he decided not to because she was having fun. About three minutes later, Ariel decided to stop. "Whew..." Eric said. "Well, I tickled your feet, and you tickled mine, how about we call it a day?"
"Sure, I really love having feet..." Ariel replied. "Me too. How about we go get something to eat?" Eric asked. "Okay." They kissed and left the room.

The End.
A new tickle story, by me! Hope you enjoyed!

Note: I'm looking for artists who can draw a picture. First person view of someone's feet being tickled please! It would bring the actual thought of you being tickled!
jakiture Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2012
this was good, can you make one where her belly, and armpits ar tickled :)
jakiture Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2012
please read my tickle story
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